Is it just me?

Does anyone really believe KK was actually robbed in Paris?

  1. She stays at a hotel that provides no security and no cameras
  2. Her bodyguard is ‘conveniently’ off guarding another family member
  3. She is the only witness and has the means to get herself untied from wrist and ankle binds (Actually from handcuffs if you can believe some versions of the story).  In her entire pampered, narcissistic life, do you honestly believe she has ever learned the skills necessary to handle any type of crisis?  Hell, she can’t keep her clothes buttoned.
  4. KUWTK new season opens on October 23.  See where this is going?  How convenient.
  5. She doesn’t stay in Paris to assist the police in the investigation.  Just flies home to greet the cameras.
  6. She flaunts her material wealth on every social media site there is (she has to since she has no personal worth to offer).
  7. And the biggest alarm bell… Why did she have 10.5 million dollars worth of jewelry with her in the first place?  So the story looks plausible.  Wish I were the insurance investigator assigned to that case.

None of this makes any sense to me, and I firmly believe we will see another side to this.


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